Duel in the Desert, clash of patrols

January saw the start of our Chain of Command Western Desert campaign.

The first game was a clash of patrols, 2 British and 1 New Zealand platoons against 2 DAK and 1 Italian platoons.

The game ended with 1 platoon broken from each side, 1 DAK platoon had its Force Morale reduced to almost zero with the loss of a jump off point. The allies were awarded the victory

Download the pdf to read a full account of the game.

Duel in the Desert, the probe

The second game in our Chain of Command Western Desert campaign was at the ruins of El Pharr.

The game saw a clash of 1 Highland and 1 British platoon against 1 DAK and 1 Italian platoon.

The allies were awarded a highly dubious victory as two bren gun carriers roared down the edge of the table at breakneck speed.

Duel in the Desert, the village at Elph Arrt

The third game in our campaign saw the combined forces of the Germans and Italians defeat the British and New Zealanders. Now keen observers of the campaign may notice that this was actually the fourth game of the campaign but the victorious allies were far too busy celebrating their victory that they completely forgot to send in a report to HQ.

CoC, WWII Western Desert, 1941
Clash of patrols at El Pharrt

Armed forces report vol. 1 - download pdf (9MB).

The ruins at El Pharrt

Armed forces report vol. 2 - download pdf (9MB).

The village at Elph Arrt

Armed forces report vol. 3 - download pdf (9MB).