Date: 18th January
Host: Mick Hoddy
Game: Battle of Bedriacum AD69
Rules: Hail Caesar

Date: 15th February
Host: Jonathan Jones
Game: Battle of Fulford Gate 1066
Rules: Werod

Date: 15th March
Hosts: Mick Hoddy
Game: Battle of Tewkesbury 1471, WotR
Rules: Hail Caesar

Date: 26th April
Host: Mick Hoddy
Game: Battle of Broughton Castle 1471, WotR
Rules: Hail Caeser

Date: 17th May
Host: George Lunn
Game: Napoleonic Naval Battle
Rules: Sails of Glory

Date: 21st June
Hosts: James Waller
Game: Battle of Dybbol 1864 - 2nd Schleswig War
Rules: Black Powder

Date: 19th July, Mark Copping Memorial Game
Host: Steve Lampon
Game: ACW
Rules: Peter Pig, Civil War Battles

Date: August, no game

Date: 20th September
Host: Steve Danes
Game: Battle of Festunfel 1630, TYW
Rules: Father Tilly

Date: 18th October
Host: Phil Mansfield
Game: Normandy 1944
Rules: Battlegroup

Date: 15th November
Hosts: David Mckenna
Game: Fall of Rome 430AD
Rules: Hail Caesar

Date: 13th December
Hosts: Eric Spicer
Game: Club AWI Campaign
Rules: Black Powder Rebellion