Date: 16th January
Host: Neil Wilson
Game: English Civil War
Rules: WAB ECW

Date: 20th February
Host: Eric Spicer, David Mckenna
Game: Battle of Gettysburg
Rules: Fire & Fury

Date: 20th March
Hosts: John Colwell
Game: Battle of Helm's Deep
Rules: Lord of the Rings

Date: 17th April
Host: John Colwell
Game: Dalek Wars
Rules: Into the Unknown

Date: 15th May
Host: Neil Wilson
Game: WWII Eastern Front
Rules: Rapid Fire

Date: 19th June
Hosts: Steve lampon
Game: Napoleonic Peninsular
Rules: Sharpe Practice

Date: 17th July, Mark Copping Memorial Game
Host: Steve Danes
Game: Battle of Lech
Rules: Father Tilly

Date: August, no game

Date: 18th September
Host: Steve Lampon
Game: Napoleonic Peninsular
Rules: Shako 2

Date: 16th October
Host: Mick Hoddy
Game: Italo-Normans in Siciliy
Rules: WAB Shieldwall

Date: 20th November
Hosts: Dave Marks
Game: Battle of Tangiers
Rules: Black Powder

Date: 18th December
Hosts: Club
Game: Battle of Orthez
Rules: WAB Napoleonic